Author: Maura Montez

Cool, Calm and Comfortable Blue

Master Bedroom Laure Antonetti Schutze with L. Antoinett Design has worked with this central Arkansas homeowner for several years. The homeowners renovated their living room and kitchen five years ago. “And when they became empty nesters, they decided to redesign their guest bedrooms, to give them their own personalities,” she said. Customize. “Put a bit […]

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Strawberry Brownie Yums for Summer Parties

Today, we’re featuring fun, easy-to-prepare, easy-to-eat, easy-to-clean up recipes for delicious summer meals that don’t require a grill. I love the flavor and texture contrast of fruit in salad. For me, until recently, mixing fruits and greens was rare. It was only later in life that I discovered the concept of combining the sweetness of […]

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Summer Cocktails

“Something cold, something frozen … with alcohol” is what my esteemed editor said when I inquired about June’s Create theme. So I interviewed ex-bartender Spencer Jansen and wine guy Matt Zorn to find out what the pros advise for cooling down in the summer. The key piece of information that I gleaned is to remember […]

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