AY About You is proud to present the list of 2021 Intriguing Women, which features some of Arkansas’ brightest minds, boldest visionaries and most passionate leaders from all four corners of the Natural State. 

Every year, our Intriguing Women section serves as a celebration of all things women. As a woman-led organization, we understand and appreciate firsthand the value of women in and out of the workplace. This list is a compilation of what intriguing women exhibit: brains, brawn, tenacity and tenderness. From physicians to philanthropists and bankers to wildlife experts, this diverse landscape of glass-ceiling-shattering ladies is proof that women can do anything they set their minds to. 


Here is your 2021 Class of Intriguing Women. 


• Jennifer Gabbard

• Kim Fowler

• Stacey Pierce

• Jordon Addison

• Sarah Bailey 

• Robin Bowen, EdD

• Shea Bryant Davis

• Lisa Buehler

• Mary Burgess, MD  

• Almas Chughtai, MD

• Teresa Clow

• Shannon Collier-Tenison, PhD 

• Cindy Costa

• Adora Curry

• Debi Davis

• Ashley O’Brien East

• Pamela A. Epperson, JD

• Ari Mitchell Fason

• Bailey Faulkner 

• Jennifer C. Floyd, CPA

• Shannon Giger  

• Lorre Gookin

• Sarah Heer 

• Melissa Lefler Henshaw  

• Anna Kay Hilburn

• Michelle Hill 

• Jennifer Holland

• Tamika E. Jenkins

• Lee Ann Jolly, PhD 

• Stephanie Keet

• Sarah Keith-Bolden 

• Kristen Kennon 

• Ebony D. Kimbrough

• Tabbi Kinion  

• Alyssa Lambert, DDS  

• Cara Lank

• Monica Lo, MD

• Angie Longing, MHSM, BSN, RN, NE-BC

• Paula Endara Lowe

• Lauren McDonald 

• Jane Harry McLellan

• Christy Lynn Ouei

• Brooke Plack

• Michele Rice

• Angela Frierson Shirey

• Morgan Smith

• Allison J. H. Thompson, CECD, FM, EDFP

• Bekka Wilkerson

• Jasmine Wilson

• Nicole Winters, JD  


Edit by: Emily Beirne • Dustin Jayroe  

Photos by: Ebony Blevins • Bob Coleman • Jamison Mosley • David Yerby  

Makeup and Hair by: Kakki Jones



Some Q&As have been edited for length and clarity.


Special thanks to the Capital Hotel and Petit & Keet for their hospitality and accommodation in providing picture-perfect photoshoot venues.