In Arkansas, it’s well known that cold weather can strike quickly and without warning. With winter now upon us, a good warm coat is a requirement to combat the chilling temperatures and biting wind, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re about to climb Mt. Everest.

No, my shivering sirs, you can stay toasty while still looking sharp in these 4 classically popular coats:

1. Pea coat: A staple since the 1700’s, pea coats are made of wool and were first worn by sailors to keep out the cold ocean air. Deck out this double-breasted coat by adding a colorful scarf.

Pea Coat

2. Top coat: Single-breasted, falling just above the knee and made of a lighter weight wool or cotton twill, don this coat over a suit to look like a Victorian man of distinction.

Top Coat

3. Car coat: Worn in the 1920’s when automobiles were open-topped, car coats are mid-thigh length and usually made of heavy tweed to shield drivers from the wind. Wear this coat for a retro, “Mad Men” vibe.

Car Coat

4. Puffer coat: A casual classic popularized in the 1990’s, puffer jackets are made of synthetic fabrics and filled with down for maximum protection from the elements. Opt for a slim profile jacket in a matte finish to avoid looking like you’re wearing a trash bag.

Puffer Coat

These standbys will keep you devilishly dapper and warm all winter, and can fit into any price range. Looking for an affordable coat? Try ASOS. Looking for a mid-range option? Men’s Wearhouse is my go-to. Or, try a higher-tier coat from J. Crew.

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