Although it was recently 80 degrees here in Arkansas, winter really is coming! What better time to freshen your skin than winter? Winter is an excellent time for laser treatments to improve fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and sun spots, as well as to even out skin tone and texture, and get rid of unwanted hair.

You want to do laser resurfacing during the winter for a few reasons:

  1. Lasers work by targeting pigment in skin. If you’re tan, the laser may get confused and target the surrounding skin, which can cause burning or scarring.
  2. You want to avoid sun exposure after your laser treatment, because sun exposure after a laser treatment can cause hyperpigmentation.
  3. What better time to hide inside and binge watch Netflix than in the cold, dark days of winter?

There are several different kinds of lasers. We can help pick the one that is best for your skin care needs. Don’t forget to make sure you are going to a properly trained and certified nurse or doctor, because even though you are doing the laser treatment in the winter you can still have major complications when the laser is not used properly.

Call soon to schedule your laser treatments…. sunny spring will be here before you know it!