Why You Should Consider Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels


A question I get almost every day is “What do I do to get rid of this blond peach fuzz on my face?  Does laser hair removal help?” Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Laser hair removal does not work on light blond or fine hair. It has to be dark or have pigment to it.

The best way to get rid of that annoying hair is dermaplaning.  Dermaplaning is a fast, painless treatment using a surgical blade to remove dead skin from the epidermis, as well as that peach fuzz. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, doesn’t shaving your face cause your hair to grow thicker and darker?”  The answer is no.  Peach fuzz is technically called vellus hair. If shaved, it stays the same and will not grow back thicker or darker.

Dermaplaning also leaves your skin brighter, smoother, glowing and more youthful. You can expect to see instant improvement in your skin’s tone and texture and the removal of your fine facial hair.  The long-term effects include increased cell turnover, which helps to improve your wrinkles and dark spots – not to mention how incredibly soft your face feels afterward.

I also love to combine it with a chemical peel.  Dermaplaning your skin enhances the results of the chemical peel, allowing the chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin.  Chemical peels are great for improving your skin’s tone and texture, discolorations, fine lines and for giving you a brighter, more radiant appearance with minimal downtime.  And don’t worry, after the chemical peel you won’t look like Samantha from “Sex and the City.”

I love the results I get after dermaplaning.  I love how smooth my face feels, that my skincare products penetrate deeper and, most of all, that my makeup doesn’t cake up as much when I apply it.

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