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Home is where memories are made. Choosing a place to live isn’t easy. It has to be a place you love where you’ll create new memories and make lasting friendships.

Buying a home is an expensive investment. It takes a savvy realtor to help guide a home owner through the process. AY’s Where We Live showcases the special bond between real estate agents and home owners. To learn more about being part of this AY section, call 501-244-9700.

Tony Curtis Realtors

I met Tony Curtis at an open house in downtown Little Rock over 15 years ago and instantly knew he would be my realtor for life. At the time, I was renting space downtown for my law office and living quarters. Tony began searching for just the right property, all the while educating me about everything downtown from tax credits to knob and tube wiring. Since that time, I have purchased and sold several properties through Tony and I can say without a doubt he is the historic home and downtown specialist. – Therese Free

Tony Curtis Realtors • 501-374-1221 • www.tonycurtisassociates.com

Claire & Co.

She told us exactly what we needed to do to stage our home for showing. We sold it in one week! She is the best, and her personality is contagious! When we were concerned about our 39-year-old house having problems, she put our mind at ease. Love this lady, she is the best! We’ll recommend her to anyone selling or buying a house! – Jane Kelley

Claire & Co., Claire Brown • 501-907-5959 • www.claireandcohomes.com

Jon Callahan Construction

Construction has always been a part of Jon Callahan’s life.

“I started with my hands, when I was just a little kid,” says Callahan, owner of JCC, Inc.

Callahan started working with his dad, Bob Callahan of Bob Callahan Services, when he was just 8 years old, and by the time he was a teenager he was leading crews on commercial and industrial construction projects. He intended to grow up and work in the family business.

After his dad’s passing in 2001, Callahan got a job as a superintendent for another construction company and worked his way up to project management on some big commercial jobs while doing residential construction on the side.

“I had to start out as the new guy because I didn’t have experience with any companies except my dad’s but I was able to move to different companies and get the experience I felt I needed so I could do what I wanted, which was to have my own business,” says Callahan, a North Little Rock native. Callahan and his wife, Allison – his high school sweetheart – and their two children, 12-year-old Brooks and 8-year-old Katie, still call North Little Rock home.

His extensive bottom-to-top construction experience has taught him several diverse techniques for approaching unique and varied construction situations, which helps him approach the unique custom jobs he handles with confidence.

Callahan’s focus is on quality rather than quantity. JCC, Inc., finishes an average of 8 to 12 new custom residential buildings a year along with large remodels. He has completed four homes in North Little Rock’s Rockwater Village, and will break ground on another one soon. He is building Arkansas first Southern Living Inspired “pocket community” in Rockwater village in North Little Rock which will be starting very soon.

“The things I always like to make sure are perfect are my foundations, the framing and the envelope of the house,” says Callahan.  I want to make sure that 20 years down the road everything is still in good shape and structurally sound. I’m not trying to just get it out of warranty. I want to make sure that they’re taken care of and that the house is solid, comfortable and performs well for years to come so the owners don’t have to worry about anything major as long as they are in the house – or however long the next family lives there for that matter.”

Jon Callahan Construction• 501-837-3575 • www.jcbuilds.com

6706 Lumsden Rd, North Little Rock, Arkansas

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