Oh, to be a child waking up this morning to a white dusting on the ground and no school. Flushing ice cubes down the toilet last night must have worked because here we all are either working from home or trying to come up with something to do for the whole day.


Not exactly a snow day, as the frozen water on the ground could maybe be enough to build a snowman the size of a mouse, Arkansas ice strikes again.


With the kids home fighting against completing the assignments sent home from school yesterday, and the pets confused that their full day of napping has been cancelled, we’re all looking for ideas to keep the house entertained. Here is a list of 15 Ice Day activities for you and your family to battle boredom.


  1. Host a living room campout: Drag out the pillows, couch cushions and blankets, light the “campfire” (a yule log video on the TV will suffice) and sing some songs together!
  2. Make hot cocoa bombs: An activity that anyone in the family will enjoy making and drinking after the bombs are completed. Check out this recipe for inspiration. 
  3. Build marshmallow snowmen: Even though the layer of white outside isn’t the best for building actual snowmen, marshmallows on a skewer will do just as well! Let the kids get creative with designing a face and clothing out of chocolate chips, dry oats, fruit, etc.
  4. Make some homemade butter: Maybe you didn’t make it to the grocery store in time and you’re out of butter – do not fret! Put those kids to work and make them think it’s a game! Shake, shake, shake until you have enough butter to last you the rest of winter. You can find a home butter recipe here.
  5. Host a stand-up comedy show: Every kid thinks they’re a comedian, and with a full day off, they have the chance to stand on stage (or the living room) and tell their best jokes for the family. Adults can get in on the fun, too! This could be a memory the kids keep with them forever.
  6. Have a spa day: Getting pampered is fun for all ages, so get out your nail care supplies, massage oils and face masks and relax. 
  7. Fashion Show: Do you have outfits that have the potential to turn heads, but COVID-19 got in the way? Host a fashion show in your house and let everyone put on their favorite clothes to show off their looks. Get some music thumping, set up chairs and strike a pose!
  8. Treasure hunt: Hide some “treasure” for the kids to find. Use treats, money or their favorite toys and have them entertained for a long time in a race to see who can find the most treasure.
  9. Cut out snowflakes: The snowflakes we received aren’t too impressive, so make some that are! Fold a coffee filter in half over and over and cut out shapes to make the winter wonderland we deserve.
  10.  Shaving cream: There are so many things to do with shaving cream! Painting, slime, science experiments and the list goes on! Here are a few ideas.
  11. Valentine’s cards: Most likely, most of your Valentine cards are already completed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make more! Make some to leave in the neighbors’ mailboxes, for the Amazon delivery person, and especially one for your dog that is missing out on ample quiet time.
  12. Homemade play-doh: Always a hit, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with play-doh. Find a recipe here.
  13. Snow day movie: There are oodles of movies perfect for snow days: Snow Dogs, Groundhog Day, and of course, Snow Day. Turn on the movie, cozy up together, and enjoy the warmth of the indoors.
  14. Game day: Break out Uno, Monopoly, Charades, blow off the dust on the Wii and anything else that gets your family competitive. Spend the afternoon with some healthy competition, sore losers and over-victorious winners.
  15. Read a book: Have some quiet time and let everyone in the family pick out books to read on their own. Warm under the blanket with hot chocolate and an engrossing novel is the recipe for a perfect snow day.