Dr. Suzanne Yee

What is QWO®

QWO®is a revolutionary, first, and only treatment that treats moderate to severe cellulite in women. There has never been anything like this on the market, and I am so thrilled to be the first in Central Arkansas to offer QWO®!


How does QWO®work?

QWO®is a prescription injection that dissolves the bands that pull the skin down, and simultaneously redistributes fat cells, creating a smoother appearance. 


What causes cellulite?   

Cellulite affects 90% of women… That is a huge percentage!  It can affect women that are physically fit, and others that are not.  Those dimples do not discriminate!  There are 3 factors that cause cellulite dimples: 1) Fibrous Bands – The fibrous bands under the skin pull the skin downward, causing tension and create an indented appearance. 2) Fat – Fat cells enlarge and push against the skin. 3) Skin – Skin thins over time, no matter how you try to prevent thinning.The combination of these 3 is what creates the actual cellulite dimple.


As far as cellulite treatments go, where would you say QWO®ranks in long term results?

Studies followed patients for a year, and they were still seeing results.  With the dissolving of the actual band that creates the dimple and fat redistribution, results are believed to be long lasting!


What does a typical QWO®procedure look like?

When we say “the solution to the dimple is simple” … We mean it!  The actual injection probably only takes 10 minutes or less.  You will have bruising and some swelling the days following. We like to show our patients pictures of post treatment bruising, so you know what to expect.  Both bruising and swelling should begin to lessen in a week or two.  There is no downtime, no post care, so it is easy peasy!


How many treatments does QWO®require?

QWO®is a series of 3 treatments, and the treatments are 3 weeks apart.


Who is QWO®an option for?

The ideal candidate is someone with actual cellulite dimples, not lax skin.  The best way we determine “true” dimples is to lift the skin above the buttock and/or thighs.  If the dimples remain, it is “true cellulite”.  If the dimples disappear, lax skin is what is causing the dimpled appearance.


You are the first in Central Arkansas to offer QWO®. What does that mean for you and your practice?

We strive to bring the most cutting edge, advanced aesthetic treatments to Arkansas. I truly believe QWO®is a revolution treatment that will change the way cellulite is treated, and I am so happy to be the first in Central Arkansas!


Where can patients book their QWO®treatment?

We are accepting QWO®patients now, so call our office at 501-224-1044 to see if you are a candidate!