Little Rock, you’re finally getting a traditional Korean BBQ spot! Flaming Hot Pot & Korean BBQ will be located at 310 S Shackleford Rd.


The new restaurant will offer food lovers a tasty all-you-can-eat experience, customized hot pots, and top-quality marinated meats that you can grill to perfection right at your own table. That’s right, it’s an interactive experience.


According to its website, the franchise prides itself on focusing on the details – “carefully curated ingredients, authentic, flavorful broths, tantalizing marinated meats, and a welcoming environment that encourages guests to actively engage in the cooking process.”


While another restaurant with a similar concept (KPOT) is expected to open in North Little Rock VERY soon, Flaming Hot Pot & Korean BBQ in West Little Rock is estimated to open near the end of this year.


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