Wellness Wednesday: Ways to Support Your Mental Health at Work


People spend almost a third of their life working. Any activity pertaining to work outside of the office or location simply adds on to how much time is dedicated to working. This could mean working from home, catching up on the weekends or just thinking about work. This is a lot of time for the mind to be concerned for work, and not a lot of people know how to maintain a healthy mindset regarding work and how to find the right balance between professional and personal life. For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, shares some tips on how to improve mental health in the workplace.



By responding to emails, calls and texts after hours, the mind remains in work mode rather than taking a break and resetting for the next day. Family time or time with loved ones is als+626o given up when you respond to these messages because your focus is taken away. If the workday has ended, try to not respond, or send messages, until the next workday. Healthy boundaries are necessary.


Communication is Key

Be clear to your coworkers and supervisors about your needs. English suggests being effective in your communication and address issues so that there are no lingering feelings of resentment. Set clear expectations about your responsibilities and timelines, and always plan ahead.


Take PTO

English shares a statistic that 44 percent of Americans did not use their Paid Time Off last year. Vacations help reduce burnout rates, decrease stress and establish a work-life balance. Taking a little time off is not a big deal and can actually be necessary to improve performance.


Make Connections

Talk to the people at work and build relationships. Talking to co-workers and creating a support system leads to greater job satisfaction. English notes that she isn’t saying you need to talk to force relationships, but find people you connect with and have a better day.



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