Wellness Wednesday: Ways to Benefit Your Well-Being


With the New Year, many of us are thinking about bettering ourselves, whether it’s through losing weight or getting in shape. Another way to better ourselves is by working on our mental health. Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, gives some advice to help you think your best in 2022.


Commit to kinder self talk.

We all have a voice in our head that helps us analyze our thoughts. And sometimes, when people set goals, they can feel defeated before they even start because of that self talk in their heads. Commit to kinder self talk in the new year. What does the voice in your head say? Is it critical and tears you down, or does it support you? We tend to be more compassionate to others than ourselves. Try shifting your self talk as if we are helping somebody in a similar situation. Give that kindness and compassion to yourself


Laugh more.

A lot of us use burnout as a badge of honor in our society, and continue to take on a lot of stress. If you can find time to prioritize joy in your day, your life will significantly improve. Laughter is healing to the mind and the body


Ask for help.

There are people around you that want to help you and who are in your corner, and asking is the first step in receiving help. See about trying counseling to help focus on your mental health.


English hopes that through this advice, you can take the steps you need to achieve mental well-being this year.



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