Wellness Wednesday: Signs That You Are Emotionally Drained


It’s been a tumultuous year, and with the rush of the holiday season approaching, many are feeling emotionally drained.


For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, helps readers identify some signs that they might be emotionally drained, as well as some suggestions for fixing it.


English says that if you’re easily irritated, snapping at people, or feeling more reactive than usual, you are likely emotionally drained. You might also feel restless, on edge, tired throughout the day but unable to sleep, and like you can’t get motivated. A change in appetite, as well as simple tasks becoming difficult, may all be signs of emotional burnout.


Fortunately, English offers some solutions.


To combat emotional burnout, it’s important to take a step back and make time for yourself, whether that’s downtime with family and friends or time alone.


English advises going out in nature and enjoying the beautiful seasonal changes.


No matter what you do, it’s important to disconnect from everything going on around you and make some time for yourself.



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