Some of the most important emotional and mental health development that a person will experience happens during childhood. For this week’s Wellness Wednesday, Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital shares some tips to make sure that children feel connected, understood and safe.


By emphasizing nurturing and listening skills, adults can help pave the way for mindful children to become mindful adults.


Listen Quietly

English advises adults and parents to listen to what children are saying. This means giving a child your full and undivided attention, listening without distractions, and through the usage of positive body language. 



As the child communicates their concerns and feelings to you, make sure that you’re not just listening, but understanding what is concerning them and how these concerns are making them feel. English recommends asking questions that clarify your understanding of the child’s emotions. 


Verbally Validate

Rather than brushing off children’s emotions, confirm that their feelings are legitimate through verbal acknowledgment and support. Then, offer some solutions that will help manage their feelings, and work towards solving their problems.