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How To Stop Stressing


In many ways, we can become so stressed out in our lives that we lose sight of our authentic selves.


According to Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Behavioral Healthcare, stresses in our lives put a toll on our physical and mental health. This is because we usually shift our focus to another source of stress once we solve one problem– we are constantly putting out fires. 


“If we’re constantly focused on the stress around us, whether that’s people or things, we can lose our authentic selves,” English says.


Fortunately, English offers some solutions to ease the stress in our lives. 


Focus on releasing tension in our bodies

Stress not only plays a mental role, but a physical one as well. Stress is often the cause of muscle pain, soreness from being stressed and tension headaches. Fortunately, physical activity can help to release some of the tension. English recommends anything from walking, to stretching to dancing. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of doing what works for you. 


Focus on what you’re eating

Many of us use sugars and late-night snacking to cope with stress, but in reality, we should be consuming more nutritious food in order to fuel our bodies, especially when we’re facing trials. English advises against eating your emotions, stating that when we eat in this way in combination with stress, we don’t have the physical capacity to address the issues around us. 


Give yourself permission to rest

Many people who face high volumes of stress often struggle to find time to rest, especially with the number of life events that keep us going. “Sometimes we feel tired before we even start an event,” English says. Sometimes we don’t sleep well because of our stress. For this reason, it’s pivotal to allow your body to rest. “Seek help from a therapist if you need to,” English says. She advises to implement meditation or prayer, or connect with people who help you destress. “When you feel peace in your mind and spirit, you can rest more easily,” she says.


Identify the stresses that you can control

English warns that sometimes, we commit ourselves to too many things. To combat this, give yourself permission to say no. Additionally, be sure to share the load you bear with those around you in order to embrace your wellness.



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