After celebrating the holidays, we may find ourselves feeling a little defeated. Maybe the holidays didn’t go as planned. Maybe we had high expectations, and those expectations weren’t met. 


Or, maybe this holiday season, some of our family members had COVID-19, or couldn’t be with us at all.


Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, points out that our expectations tend to rise over the holidays. If the outcome doesn’t meet our expectations, we can find ourselves dissatisfied with reality.


English advises that we understand that there are a lot of things currently outside our realm of control. We can’t control COVID-19 or death, and it’s unfair for our expectations to hinge on the things that we cannot control. 


English advises that whatever the situation, she hopes that as we move into the New Year, we release the things we cannot control. It’s best if we focus on those little moments of spending time together and on doing things together with our loved ones.



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