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Losing a loved one is a painful experience, and this pain does not go away quickly. Sometimes, the pain can linger, and the anniversary of this loss can prompt painful feelings.


While these feelings of grief can be painful, they are normal, according to Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Behavioral Healthcare. English says that the anniversary of a loss can be a trying time for people but that there are ways to mitigate these feelings.


“For someone who’s experienced loss, the anniversary of a special person’s death can be really challenging. When that time of year comes around, you might find yourself experiencing difficult emotions, such as sadness, anger or grief,” she says.


For those struggling with a loved one’s loss or the anniversary of a loss, English has five tips for dealing with grief.


  1. Talk About it.
    1. She advises people to be open with their friends and family about the loss and what they are feeling. Being open will help you process the feelings and help you to feel better. “Remember that what you’re feeling is normal, and there are others in your life that may feel the same way,” she says.
  2. Do Something Special
    1. On the anniversary of this loss, do something that reminds you of the special person in a good way or that honors them. English suggests cooking a meal that your special person loved or watching a favorite movie. You could also plant flowers or create a memorial to honor them.
  3. Visit Them
    1. Pay a visit to where the special person is buried. “While there, you can have a conversation with them. If you choose to believe that they can hear you, tell them stories about yourself that they would love to hear,” English says.
  4. Write a Letter to Them
    1. If you cannot visit the burial site, write a letter to your loved one. You can give them updates on your life and tell them what has happened since they passed. Once you’re done, tuck the letter away someplace special.
  5. Do Things That Make You Happy
    1. These things can include watching your favorite TV shows, listening to your favorite songs and more. The important thing, English says, is to think of the happy moments you had with your loved one and to remember favorite memories. “Focusing on the fact that the person is gone will only keep you sad and make it difficult to cope,” she says.