A lot of us find comfort in controlling as many things as possible. But the sooner we realize that accepting what’s out of our control can bring us peace, the happier we will live and the more carefree we will be.


Lauren English, a licensed professional counselor and business development representative with Pinnacle Pointe Hospital, provides advice on finding this peace.


English iterates that accepting the fact that things are out of our control sometimes is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it means we are able to discern what is worth investing our energy into and what isn’t.


Here are some of the things that English says we may need to accept being out of our control:

  • How people respond to our boundaries.
  • Other people’s thoughts, perspectives and opinions.
  • The events of the past.
  • Other people’s behaviors.
  • Creating ideas of things that could go wrong.
  • Our biological families.


However, there are plenty of things we can control, like how we respond to situations, the way we behave toward and treat others, how we move on from the past, and so on.



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