Win Valentine’s Day This Year: Pro Tips for Romantic Success

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Valentine’s Day is hurtling this way, so we put together some pro tips to help you navigate this romantic holiday. While Valentine’s can be stressful, if you follow this advice, we’ll make the day a breeze for you!

The number one tip – in fact, the only tip that is essential – is don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to do something. Don’t rush to the florist on February 14 in a frenzy, demanding as many red roses and chocolates as you can get. Can florists accommodate these requests? Of course, that’s part of the job! But, it puts more stress than necessary on everyone – you and them.

Instead, start the process as soon as possible. Find out what flowers your significant other likes and go from there. Call your florists and ask them if you have the flowers in stock or if they can get them in stock. That way, you’re not dependent on whatever the florists have left in their freezers on Valentine’s Day.

As Mr. P. Allen Smith notes in this month’s AY Magazine, “Red roses are readily available for Valentine’s Day – almost too available. Unless you have a partner that has a special affinity for them, why not try something new but equally glorious?” Make your flowers – and by extension yourself– stand out from the crowd. It will definitely make an impact, especially if you have the flowers delivered to your significant other’s workplace. Make sure to put a coy note with it, too.

Put some romance into your night!

Valentine’s Day really is about preparation. If you want to dine out, make sure to have reservations to your favorite restaurant. On the other hand, if you’re more of a homebody and are planning a romantic night in, make sure everything’s in place so you’re not running to Walmart to get meal ingredients.

With that being said, if you are planning to cook for Valentine’s Day, here’s a few pro tips. Try out the recipe you want to cook before you serve it to your sweetie. There’s nothing worse that delivering burnt food and seeing a disappointed expression! Avoid foods that are heavy on pungent spices and garlic – you don’t want the food to kill your Valentine’s mood.

While flowers are a traditional part of Valentine’s Day, many people also give other gifts to their partners. This holiday can quickly get expensive, between the meal, the flowers and everything else. There’s tons of cool, cheap gift ideas on the Internet. Go online and find the perfect one for your partner.

Finally, manage your expectations. There’s always a ton of stress surrounding Valentine’s Day because there’s a drive to make the day “perfect.” But it’s not going to be perfect – so accept it. Instead, make it day the best it can possibly be. If you slip up, that’s life. Your partner should be able to see pass any slip-ups and enjoy their time with you.

Of course, don’t forget to have fun! Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be stressful – it should be a time to spend time with the one you love. Be silly, be playful, be a little sexy. Just have fun!

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