Styled by Andrea Patrick Photography by Jamison Mosley


Love. It’s a great thing. Lucky for many of us, it has its own day. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday by far. Hopeless romantics unite! 


Feb. 14 will be a little different this year. Treating your loved one to a meal out might be an option for some. Others may find that staying in is their best bet. I created these boards as a reminder that you can absolutely go big while still staying home.  


I chose to change up the traditional charcuterie experience by creating a box of chocolates and an extra-large fondue board. 

Sweet Board 

• Nothing says love like a heart-shaped box full of chocolate. 

• Nestling florals in with your treats evokes the romantic spirit of the holiday. 

• For the chocolate lover in your life, throw in some variety. 

• Include their favorites and also something for “wow factor,” like macarons. 

 Savory Board 

• Cheese is beautiful. Gooey, luscious cheese fondue is love. 

• Blistered shishito peppers, carrots and Brussels sprouts are tasty ways to add color.

• Bread and apples are tried-and-true dippers for this cheesy goodness.

• Tender, juicy beef short ribs help to round out your meal.