Step aside, living rooms – the kitchen is the space around which so much of family life revolves, and its surfaces need to be as functional as they are fashionable. With so many options for materials, colors and designs, those embarking on a new build or remodeling their existing space can find themselves unsure of where to start. The experts at Countertop World in Bryant spoke to AY About You to share with readers the latest trends and insights into the countertop installation process. 


What are some of the biggest trends in countertops in 2024?

According to some experts, the most significant trends for countertops in 2024 are inspired by nature, with warmer undertones, deep blues, terracotta hues and colorful marbling. Quartz and quartzite are the most popular materials, as they are durable, low-maintenance and offer a variety of choices. Other materials that are gaining attention are marble and terrazzo.




On the flip side, what styles are less popular these days?

Some trends falling by the wayside are glossy finishes, which can be hard to keep clean and show fingerprints easily, and traditional countertop edges, which are replaced by waterfall styles. Also, countertop colors that are darker than cabinets are becoming less common, as lighter colors create a more spacious and airy feel.




What is one “hidden gem” style that more homeowners should consider?

One hidden gem style is butcher block, a wood countertop that can add warmth and texture to any kitchen. It is also easy to install, repair and customize, and it can be paired with other materials for a contrast effect. However, it does require regular sealing and oiling to prevent stains and cracks.




What are the biggest considerations when it comes to materials?

When deciding on a new countertop, you should consider your budget, lifestyle, design preferences and space requirements. For example, if you have a busy kitchen prone to spills and scratches, choose a stain-resistant and scratch-resistant material such as quartz or granite. If you have a small kitchen that needs more light, select a light-colored and reflective material, such as marble or quartzite. If a bathroom is exposed to moisture and humidity, you might choose a non-porous and mold-resistant material, such as quartzite or soapstone.




What advice do you have for someone new to stone countertops?

For someone thinking of investing in a stone countertop for the first time, they should keep in mind the following things: the quality, the installation, the maintenance and the value. For quality, they should look for a stone that is consistent in color, pattern and thickness and has no cracks, chips or fissures. Hire a professional to measure, cut and fit the stone properly and seal it if necessary. For maintenance, they should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and caring for the stone and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. Also consider the return on investment for value, as some stone countertops can increase the home’s resale value, especially if they are in high demand or good condition.




What should someone expect from the renovation process?

They should plan for the timetable and expect delays or changes, as renovations can be unpredictable and complex. Set a realistic and flexible amount for the budget, and include some contingency funds for unexpected costs or issues. They should also check with their local authorities, as some renovations may require permits or inspections. The contractors should research, compare different options and look for reputable, licensed and insured professionals who can provide references and guarantees. They should also prepare for some inevitable inconvenience and mess. Make arrangements for living and cooking needs during the renovation.




What about a new build?

For a new build, some other things that someone should consider are the design, the layout, the functionality and the future. They should choose a style and color scheme for the design that suits their taste and personality and matches the rest of the home. They should optimize the space and the flow and balance the work zones and the storage areas. They should also consider their needs and preferences for functionality and select the features and appliances to make their kitchen more efficient and comfortable. Finally, they should consider their kitchen’s longevity and choose materials and designs that will accommodate any changes or updates.




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