Top 10 Cheeseburgers in Little Rock


Sept. 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to put together my Top 10 Cheeseburgers in Little Rock. But first, let’s go over a few ground rules. These are purely my selections and do not reflect the opinions of other staff members. Second, I fully understand the limitations of this list. I am one person. As hard as I’ve tried, I have not eaten every cheeseburger in Little Rock. Finally, to narrow the focus of this post, the burgers below are only located in Little Rock (areas like North Little Rock, Conway, Benton and Bryant are not included). It was tough to narrow things down, and several great burgers did not quite make the cut.


OK, enough with the formalities. Let’s get to it.


10. Buffalo Grill

What Buffalo Grill’s classic cheeseburger lacks in looks, it makes up for with taste. This is a burger’s burger, with just a simple, hand-formed beef patty topped with all the usual suspects. The sesame seed bun is a huge bonus in my book, and I wish more places used them.


9. Two Sisters Catering & Cafe

Two Sisters’ burger came out of nowhere to enter my top 10. You may have noticed how the massive American cheese-drenched patty dwarfs the bottom bun. Kudos to the restaurant on the presentation. There’s something quite comforting about tearing away some of the patty before divining in. A fresh, crisp leaf of romaine seals the deal on this one.


8. David’s Burgers

The local burger chain keeps cranking out consistent, no-frills burgers year after year. The key is those super fresh toppings and buns, along with the thin, grilled, slightly greasy patties. What’s not to love? Especially after a friendly worker piles the fries on your table.


7. Jude’s Delight

The Mack Daddy Burger from the Jude’s Delight food trailer on South University is seasoned so well and comes with a sizeable patty that’s grilled just right. Like with David’s, it is also key to get this burger with a side of fries.


6. The Croissanterie

Wendy and Jill do an amazing job with the food at The Croissanterie food trailer, and that includes their take on the cheeseburger — or as they call it, Le Burger. As expected, the duo makes a house-made croissant bun for this hand-held, complete with a 1/3-pound of local beef from Jidona Farms. Attention is in the details, and there are no shortcuts with this burger.


5. K Hall & Sons Produce

At K Hall & Sons Produce, the jumbo cheeseburger is the way to go. It comes with a fatter, juicier, hand-formed patty that eats better than their smaller burger. The beef is a little loose, but in a good way, and the fresh toppings bring a welcomed coolness to the burger. This burger is best eaten in the confines of your car, as things tend to get embarrassingly messy.


4. The Root

The fresh ground, pasture-raised local beef makes all the difference for a burger that has long been viewed by many as one of the very best in Little Rock. The super-soft bun stands up well to the meat and toppings.


3. Leo’s Greek Castle

My top 3 includes The Leo Burger, a double patty offering that comes dripping with American cheese. Is it a little on the greasy side? Maybe, but most great burgers are, and this one is a must-order on every visit to the Hillcrest hangout. Well, unless you’re going for breakfast. Even then, maybe they’ll make one for you.


2. Ciao Baci

Ciao Baci’s People’s Choice Burger has been a favorite of mine for a few years now, and while it has typically occupied my top spot, the burger was finally overtaken this year by a late candidate. There’s no shame in that. As you’ll notice from the picture, this pub-style offering isn’t stingy with any ingredient and is always cooked to a perfect medium (per request).


1. Copper Grill

If you haven’t noticed by now, I generally prefer a very simple burger. But Copper Grill’s Signature Sweet Hot Burger with candied bacon, pimento cheese, sriracha, bacon jam, and arugula is far from that. What I love about this burger is how they don’t overdo things, instead relying on a balance of sweet and savory flavors. Also, the double patties have a nice crust, the product of a perfect grill job. In a town filled with great burger options, Copper Grill currently is my favorite.


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