In 2008, Tiffany Corjay, a licensed clinical social worker, launched TLC to help children and families in the Hot Springs community. Opening day was the culmination of a lifelong passion: At just 13 years old, Corjay knew she wanted to help others, and she has never stopped following that calling.


TLC works with couples and individuals of all ages with the goal of equipping clients with the skills they need to grow and thrive. After graduating from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a Master’s of Social Work degree, Corjay spent time in many different settings, from hospice and inpatient care to school-based therapy. These experiences gave her a wide knowledge base, allowing her to better treat her clients in private practice.


In 2017, Corjay became certified as a trauma specialist in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, or EMDR, through the EMDR International Association. In EMDR, a therapist guides an individual through eye movements or other forms of rhythmic, bilateral stimulation in order to process traumatic events.


“EMDR is a psychotherapy technique that has been proven to be effective in treating past or present trauma,” Corjay said. “While in a safe and supported environment, this treatment can be used to help the individual process memories and emotions that are impacting their mental health and wellbeing.”


Corjay has continued to deepen her knowledge of other treatment approaches as well. In 2022, she became certified in equine-assisted psychotherapy, and she is currently studying internal family systems. IFS views the psyche in different parts, each with its own unique characteristics and experiences, and encourages individuals to integrate and balance the relationships between these parts for greater self-awareness and emotional regulation.


Equine-assisted psychotherapy is a technique that is especially close to Corjay’s heart, as she grew up on a family farm and has ridden horses all her life. The animal-assisted intervention facilitates emotional growth and learning, and it can be beneficial for individuals with conditions such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, addiction and PTSD, Corjay said.


“The horses serve as a  mirror for the individual’s emotions and behaviors. This provides valuable insight into the client,” she said. “When combined, I believe EAP, EMDR and IFS are more effective than any other treatment I have experienced. They offer a powerful and comprehensive approach to healing and personal growth.”


People often wait too long to reach out for help, Corjay said, and when an individual does decide to seek treatment, it is a vulnerable and courageous step towards healing. She encouraged anyone wondering about their options to reach out and explore what is available, since stabilizing one’s mental health should be “a top priority, not a last resort.”


“As we shift our priorities to include self-care and not self-medication, we allow ourselves to begin the process of healing,” she said. “As we experience the power of healing, our relationships, our physical health and our lives change in almost every way for the better.”


Corjay has put no small amount of time, dedication and prayer into building TLC over the years, and she is committed to continuing that growth. As the practice expands, she is looking for volunteers, organizations and even other therapists to partner with TLC and further its reach.


“We rely on outside support to make this treatment available to more people,” Corjay said. “Everyone deserves to have mental health care that works. These services are effective and high-quality, and we want people to experience what we have to offer.


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