There’s a little boutique in Hot Springs that has a story to tell you. It will speak to you of that which is rare and unique, of artisans in a distant land whose work is born of love and legacy. Fame and riches, they will never know — but that is of no matter to them. Their life’s work is to create beautiful objects to be cherished by those who understand their value. 


Behind all this is a striking Pakistani beauty named Ghazal Khan, the creator and curator of this special place called Glamouraazi. Your eye will first be caught by the sparkle of the boutique — the sequins, the glimmer of gold, the subtle shimmer of silks and the lights of its chandeliers. Khan’s warmth and charm will irresistibly welcome you in, as will the elegance of that which surrounds her — the gowns, the bags, the shoes, the jewelry. 



Fundraisers, balls, weddings, proms, pageants — these gowns are perfect for the most special of your events. Is “perfect” a boast? No, look closely and you will agree it’s truth. Like fine couture, each piece is literally one-of-a-kind. There are no duplicates to be had here, no mass-produced styles or sizes churned out by factories. In Pakistan, Khan will tell you, artisans in small workshops hand cut the natural fabrics, then with skill, patience and precision bring each unique piece into being. While you are in the process of admiring Glamouraazi’s contemporary styles, don’t deny yourself the opportunity of experiencing the boutique’s Middle Eastern designs as well. Create the utmost in feminine magic by draping yourself in swirls of the traditional garment known as a sari. Each thread has been hand-dyed before being placed on a loom, where a single artisan has patiently worked months on a single piece. 



Glamouraazi’s handcrafted leather flats shimmering with color and ornamentation challenge the gorgeous jewelry for your attention. Each jewelry design is overseen by Khan before its creation, whether it is hand-set in a contemporary or traditional style. Also intertwined throughout the store are tops, scarves, drapes catching your eye in their silks, organza and pashmina. 



You’ll want to select one of Glamouraazi’s embellished evening bags to further enhance your look and a fragrance to whisper your presence. Nothing common is offered here, only those classic scents that women of fashion have long used to be quietly alluring. Oud is the most notable fragrance to be found here. The pungent, musky scent coveted among Middle Eastern culture has proved itself to be extremely difficult to find outside the region. An impressive gift, indeed.



Khan’s Glamouraazi is a gift, too, for those who understand the true value of what sparkles beneath its chandeliers. Rare is the opportunity to own something that speaks of such commitment and love. Know, too, Glamouraazi’s other great value: pricing — which seems impossibly low.



You will never want to leave Glamouraazi. But, you will – happily and with bags of love, legacy and beauty made to be yours.


Photos by Arshia Khan. 



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