Thom Hall’s Glass Fantasies Continued


“I think artists are lucky”,

Thom Hall says to Audrey Coleman, an AY contributor, and author of the article: Glass Fantasies: Enamels by Thom Hall.

This is just one of the artist’s many interesting perspectives about his life, his inspiration, and his work that was shared in the article, along with several vibrant images of some of the paintings on display at the Arkansas Arts Center as part of the nationally traveling exhibit-“Little Dreams in Glass and Metal”, that will run through Dec. 31.

Here are some of his paintings that WE are lucky enough to be able to enjoy-through which Thom Hall’s artistic passion and creative vision are vividly evident. Take a look. And when you do-ask yourself, what do you see? Indulge yourself in the liberty of creating your own story within the paintings. Take a look…


“Everything in my life is about emotion and creativity.”-T.H.


Sylvia Moskowitz with Christy, 1989, cloisonné enamel on fine silver


“Some of the figures in my work are clearly not perfect physical specimens, but they are confident.”-T.H.


Three Boys Ankle Deep, 1987, cloisonné enamel on fine silver


“When light passes through translucent blue enamel and bounces off the silver surface back to the viewer, magic happens.”-T.H.


Christy: Looking Good, 1986, cloisonné enamel on fine silver


“My images are intentionally composed to invite the viewer to participate-to complete the scene by adding what is missing and to bring their own experiences into the narrative.”-T.H.


Fire & Ice, 1988, cloisonné enamel on fine silver


“Some of my figures have deep tans…”-T.H.


Two Boys and One, 1981, cloisonné enamel on fine silver

“…Others celebrate delicate porcelain skin that has never seen the sun.”-T.H.


River Conversation, 1980, cloisonné enamel on copper with silver foil

“All I need to do to get to a meditative, focused place is pick up a crayon or touch the surface of a good sheet of paper.”-T.H.



Bette in Tulsa, 1973, enamel on copper


“The rest of the world disappears.”-T.H.

Thank you, Thom Hall-for allowing us to perceive through the artist’s eyes-for translating experiences and emotion through raw beauty, and and for sharing it with all who are willing to see.

Here you may view the December 2016 article and photography:

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