Round Mountain Coffee

For this week’s Thirsty Thursday, AY About You sits down with Round Mountain Coffee in Conway.


Round Mountain Coffee is owned by Scott Forbush and co-founded by Kyle Sackhoff.


“Scott and I had both worked in the restaurant industry and coffee industry for a number of years and were working at the same coffee shop and did a lot of daydreaming about opening our own shop,” Sackhoff says. “It was really more of a joke at first, but then we started really considering it and we had a lot of support from family to go for it. We found a location, built it out, and opened on October 24, 2016.”


Sackhoff says that RMC’s speciality is coffee, and they work hard to make sure everyone can enjoy the things that they serve.


“We source our coffee ethically from all over the world and roast it in-house. Everything is prepared to a standard of excellence that we are really proud of. We have a lot of options for those who are purists, ranging from excellent espresso to pour overs to lattes, and also offer flavored options as well,” Sackhoff remarks. “We pride ourselves on working with other local companies, so we get our syrups from a local company called Pink House Alchemy and our honey from our friends at Robin Hood Honey. We use these to create all kinds of drinks.” 


Sackhoff goes into detail about some of the most popular drinks at RMC.


“One of our favorite seasonal drinks right now is called the Ozark Autumn Latte- it has honey, cardamom syrup, and honey, and it is a favorite around the shop. We also have a range of loose-leaf teas that we enjoy as well,” he explains. “The Ozark Autumn Latte has been a consistent favorite among customers, and we have also been loving a pour over of our coffee from Zambia. It’s this really beautiful, sweet, fruit-forward coffee with notes of strawberry, blueberry, and hard candy. Customers also love our pastries. We get all of our baked goods from Patticakes, and we have a range of things, including cinnamon rolls, scones, and muffins. It’s hard to go wrong with any of them.”


Of course, the drinks cater to all sorts of customers, from those who might consider themselves to be “coffee snobs” to casual drinkers. Favorites differ among the staff as well.


“Our staff ranges – we have some purists (like me) who pretty much only drink pour overs, but we also have some baristas who love our teas and sweeter espresso drinks, like the Cuban, which is a latte with sweetened condensed milk added,” Sackhoff notes. 


RMC has also recently made their autumn menu available.


“We launched our fall menu a couple weeks ago and it has been a big hit. We have the Ozark Autumn Latte mentioned earlier, a Pumpkin Spice for that classic fall flavor, an apple cider that is to die for, and a couple unique ones we enjoy,” Sackhoff says. “One is called the Bowtie, which is a flat white with chai, maple syrup, and black pepper, and the other is called the Spiced Tonic, which is an espresso drink with tonic water, cardamom syrup, and orange juice.”


The selection of coffees available at RCM rotate regularly. “Coffee grows seasonally like any other crop, so we rotate our coffees to make sure we’re serving fresh coffees. Our newest is from Honduras, and has flavor notes of cherry, blackberry, lemon, and cola. We’re also looking at rotating some things around on our tea menu just to shake things up,” Sackhoff reveals to us.


When asked about what makes Round Mountain Coffee unique, Sackhoff replies, “I think RMC stands out for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, our coffee is made with excellence, and that is something we really strive to instill in our baristas. We also are really proud of the community we’ve created here. We try to build genuine relationships with the people we interact with. We also work with local nonprofits to give back to our community, and have partnered with a few different ones for events and even special coffee blends.”

Ready to treat your coffee palate? Visit Round Mountain Coffee’s website or their Facebook page for more details!


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