The Pioneer Woman Launches Houseware Line in Wal-Mart


Ree Drummond, creator of The Pioneer Woman blog, author of a best-selling cookbook and host of the Food Network’s “The Pioneer Woman,” is bringing modern country housewares to Wal-Mart shelves and on

Drummond’s country-chic line features tableware, glassware, cookware, bakeware and more, and embodies the colorful hues and florals that showcase The Pioneer Woman’s rustic flare.

The collection includes items for every step in the kitchen — prep, cook, serve, dine and drink — as well as pieces that can go straight from the oven to the table. The mix-and-match cookware also includes pressed glass goblets, tumblers and cast iron cookware.


In partnership with Gibson Overseas, Inc., a leading producer of tabletop and houseware items, The Pioneer Woman collection will launch on on Sept. 1 and in Wal-Mart stores on Sept. 14.

“With Ree’s powerful presence and eye for beautiful details, we are thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with her to create a high-quality and practical collection,” said Sal Gabbay, CEO of Gibson. “The Pioneer Woman essence is present in every piece in the line, and we look forward to its debut at Wal-Mart.”

“Wal-Mart is delighted to be the exclusive home of The Pioneer Woman collection throughout the holiday season,” said Shelley Huff, vice president of cook, dine kitchen electronics for Wal-Mart U.S.

“This collection is an exciting, fresh line of kitchen and tableware that has something for everyone – the charm for small family dinners, the style for entertaining friends and the great quality for serious cooks,” Huff siad.

The collection will retail from $1.99 – $99 in Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

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  1. by Anonymous on August 31, 2015  6:34 pm

    Are they made in USA? I try to avoid items made in China if at all possible.

  2. by Maggie on August 31, 2015  9:39 pm

    so pretty - I may just have to go to Walmart

  3. by NANCI STOKES on September 1, 2015  11:49 am

    Is you product available in Canada?

  4. by Dee on September 1, 2015  11:55 am

    I just looked at the items online---beautiful! I too, would like to know if they are Made in America as I avoid anything made in China.

  5. by Annie on September 15, 2015  9:08 am

    This collection is DESIGNED in the US, however it is MANUFACTURED in China. I wouldn't use any of this collection for food. The cookware collection is rimmed in aluminum, making it impossible to 'pour' your food out of the cookware without exposing your food to aluminum. Certainly NOT worth the risk of lead and aluminum poisoning.

  6. by Anonymous on November 18, 2015  10:14 pm

    Very unfortunate they are made in China. I would buy if they weren't.

  7. by Anna on November 24, 2015  12:00 am

    I loved this bright collection. There is so many pieces I would love to have but if it is true that items made in China. I will pass.

    I do not trust anything made in China Please move manufacturing to the USA so more people can enjoy your products even if it will cost few extra dollars. It is weird that Pioneer Woman Collection would not be manufactures in USA.

  8. by Anna on November 24, 2015  12:01 am

    Same here. Will not buy unless made in USA.

  9. by Anna on November 24, 2015  12:06 am

    Beautiful product. Unfortunately, made in China so I will not be purchasing anything.

  10. by Stacy on September 25, 2016  10:23 am

    I was so excited looking at this collection, thinking about a total revamp of my dish collection and new cookware until I googled if this was made in the USA. I just cannot Imagine that Ree would allow her line to be made in China. I thought a little more of her than that. I will be passing up on this line of Pioneer Woman dishes and more. Should have known coming from Walmart! Sad!!!

  11. by Anonymous on October 27, 2016  9:58 am

    I wanted to start collecting this beautiful collection but I will pass since it is made in China.

  12. by Amy Jackson on November 14, 2016  1:20 pm

    I think the Pioneer Woman dishes are just beautiful and the glassware is very solid and heavy. I don't care where they are made - this is a global economy that we live in. I have bought quite a few pieces in the beautiful teal color. What I DON'T like, however, is the "Pioneer Woman" logo emblazoned over every single piece. I don't think men would like "CONSTRUCTION MAN" written all over their tools. It cheapens what is otherwise a lovely collection.

  13. by Holly on November 17, 2016  9:37 pm

    Totally crap!!! Explodes in microwave, cracking all thru 8 place settings. Single person use and totally falling apart one year use.
    Horrible product! !!!

  14. by kim on December 4, 2016  9:50 am

    Won't buy since it is made overseas...I was rather surprised that she went this route with manufacturing.

  15. by Jessie on December 6, 2016  10:33 am

    Very disappointed that they are not microwave safe or made in US. Will stick with my Corelle.

  16. by Marie on December 27, 2016  11:09 am

    I received the loaf pans as a Christmas gift --they are pretty but they are also cumbersome. Plus I don't like the sizes. I did make a meatloaf in the smaller loaf pan but the pan seemed too big. I guess I should have doubled the recipe to fill the pan. I also don't like the idea of using China products due to lead paint. Will put the pans in storage and replace them with more Corning bowls/pans.

  17. by Mary on January 15, 2017  4:41 pm

    I bought a set of Pioneer Woman cookware at Christmas time and I do not like it at all. It is slick on the bottom and when you stir something you are cooking if you do not watch it will slid off the burner, This is a good way for someone to get a very severe burn. I would not recommend anyone buy it. I put mine in the top of my cabinets and will not use it. I am very disappointed in it.

  18. by Martha Clark on October 14, 2017  4:34 pm

    I wanted to buy some of her stuff, too. NOT MADE IN USA is a deal breaker for me. I will not willingly buy products not made in the USA. There are so many other options for buying cookware,etc., like the Corelle you mention. VERY disappointed. :(

  19. by Rebecca on November 7, 2017  1:09 pm

    Are these made in the U.S.A ?

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