The Oaklawn Steadfast—Continued


othing would be what it is without the people who make it that way.

The dedicated team at AY working together in preparation for February’s issue is a look into one of the best aspects of the industry. Creative minds flow, ideas bounce, and time is spent to bring the finished product to fruition. This product would not be possible without the people who contribute and willingly extend their service and talent.

In January, a significant amount of time was spent at Oaklawn. Meeting some of the employees that would be featured in February’s issue for “The Oaklawn Steadfast” made for a memorable experience. Friday the 13th was opening day of the live racing season. Spirits were high and excitement was thick. Our photographer and art director Jamison Mosley was able to get behind the scenes shots of the employees on the job and in their element.

Meeting these employees served a diverse and satisfying experience, leaving us with more than we came with. Each individual was unique and brought their own personalities to the table in a matter of seconds, and the roles that they fill at Oaklawn reflect those personalities.

We could not have done it without them. After all, the people are the foundation and the life of the Oaklawn piece in its entirety. Oaklawn—along with the horses and the guests, the trainers and the patrons—IS the collective force of its dedicated employees.

The positions they fill are not for idle hands nor the faint of heart, and play a vital role in the continuance of a Southern tradition – rooted in thoroughbred pedigree and good times.

*Throughout the month, we will be releasing extended profiles of the individuals featured in “The Oaklawn Steadfast” of February’s issue, as well as those of some of the other employees, so stay tuned!

Photography by Jamison Mosley

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