The Bridgeway is establishing a new acute rehabilitation program for adults in an effort to expand its care for substance use disorders.


Through this program, adults at risk of relapse will be able to receive treatment. According the Bridgeway CEO Sherrie James, the program provides patients with daily interaction with physicians as well as “continuous nursing care” to address substance use issues.


“With this program addition,” James said in a statement. “we have responded to the community’s needs and expanded our continuum of care for substance use disorders. Our program is unique in that the physician meets with patients daily, and we provide continuous nursing care, something our community has lacked. In addition to this program, we offer medical detoxification, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs for substance use disorders. Also, we will be able to treat opioid addiction.”


The new program will be headed by Dr. John Schay.


According to figures provided by the Bridgeway, there were 20.2 million adults with a substance use disorder in the United States in 2014. Substance use disorder is defined as an addiction to alcohol or drugs, per the National Institute for Mental Health.


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