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This is a banner year for Arkansans in that AY is publishing the third annual Mental Health Guide and 2018 is the thirty-fifth anniversary of The BridgeWay Hospital.

While I recently joined The BridgeWay, I can attest that we are proud of our nearly four decades of growth, innovation and dedication to providing quality mental healthcare to our patients.  We provide services to an array of ailments and patients of all ages; we pride ourselves in adhering to the best practices and service excellence. Over the years, The BridgeWay has responded to the needs of the community by adding programs and services and continue to look at the demands of our community.  Through continual revision of programs and services, thousands of lives have been positively impacted.

Nevertheless, there is much work to be done. On average, one Arkansan dies every 15 hours as a result of suicide, making suicide the tenth leading cause of death overall in Arkansas. The statistics can be overwhelming, but there is hope. Our goal is to be the resource for individuals in crisis.

The BridgeWay is ready to assist children, adolescents, adults and seniors with their mental health issues through a continuum of care that is safe, secure and serene. You may count on us to provide care that:

• promotes safety for patients as well as staff

• exceeds the standards of the Joint Commission

• individualizes treatment for each and every patient

• is based upon open communication

As the interim CEO of The BridgeWay, I look forward to meeting the readers of the 2018 Mental Health Guide.

Best Regards,

Jonathon M. Gammon
Interim CEO