Patrick Swope, President & CEO of Legacy National Bank

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Patrick Swope, president and CEO of Legacy National Bank, has banking in his DNA. The son of a banker, he never had any doubts about the profession he would choose. “I’ve always known I wanted to be a banker,” he says. “Banking is in my blood, so to speak.”
He went to work in a bank immediately after graduating high school. Swope would continue to work in that bank throughout his days at the University of Arkansas. Swope went on to work for and learn from industry leader Don L. Gibson. Together, they helped found Legacy National Bank in 2005.
At Legacy, Swope most enjoys interacting with his employees and their customers.
“Coming into work every day, seeing the team we’ve been able to bring together to work as a bank for our community here in Northwest Arkansas, that is by far my most favorite part,” he says.
He and his team spend their days working to create opportunities for growth within the communities they serve.
“Our bank has a vested interest in our community,” he says. “When I grew up, the bank was the cornerstone of the community… We’re blessed to be where we are, and I look forward to 2018.”