The Band CAMINO performed live at The Hall last Friday night, Sept. 2, and as expected, the alternative/ indie band did not disappoint. As someone raised on alternative rock and alternative pop, thanks to being a teenager during the 2013-2016 music era, I have wanted to see The Band CAMINO in concert for years. 


The Band CAMINO performs its opening set at its Sept. 2 performance at The Hall in Little Rock. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


The group – composed of Jeffery Jordan, Spencer Stewart and Garrison Burgess – has strong Memphis, Tenn., and Arkansas ties, making a show in Little Rock all the more special. Another highlight of the performance was getting to see Hastings, another talented pop music star, open. 


Hastings opens for The Band CAMINO on Sept. 2, 2022 at The Hall in Little Rock. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


Hastings is known for his mellow, indie-pop sounds, while The Band CAMINO is infamous for having an indie-rock sound, complemented heavily by hard-hitting lyrics that tell stories of lost love, second chances, life imitating art and more. Both Jordan and Stewart are multi-faceted with strong vocal ability and similar sounds that play off each other well. Burgess is extremely talented in his own right, completing the band’s overall sound as one of the best up-and-coming bands in the country. 



Hastings performs live at The Hall in Little Rock on Friday, Sept.2, 2022. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


I know I am biased, because I love live music and have been fortunate enough to see several of my favorite bands, like The 1975, live. But there is nothing better than being in a sold out venue, surrounded by people who all have something in common with you and hearing your favorite songs being played in real life. 


The crowd celebrates as The Band CAMINO takes stage at the sold-out Sept. 2 show at The Hall in Little Rock. (Photo by Kat Holitik/ AY Media Group)


As a fan, I knew this information already, but CAMINO has extremely loyal fans. In fact, as I stood on the barricade, the people to my left explained they had driven from Oklahoma to see the band perform live. The person to my right explained that she had driven all the way from Indiana to see the group again. 



(Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


As stated before, the band, now based in Nashville, Tenn., has several ties within the Memphis and Little Rock communities. Garrison, the drummer, who has only been playing with the band for about five years now, is actually from Arkansas. As Jordan explained to the audience, Little Rock became a second home to Stewart and himself as they traveled from the University of Memphis to venues such as The Rev Room to perform. 


“I actually think we’ve performed in Little Rock just about as many times as we have performed in Memphis,” Jordan said. “Little Rock, Arkansas is a very special place to us.” 


Jeffery Jordan performs live at The Hall in Little Rock on Friday, Sept. 2. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


The Hall is one of the newer music venues in Central Arkansas, and last Friday night was The Band CAMINO’s first time performing in the new locale. According to The Hall Event Staff, the show sold out 1,300 tickets, as anticipated. 


While new to town, The Hall has quickly become one of my personal favorite venues to see shows, simply due to affordability of ticket prices and variety of performers hosted. The venue itself makes for a really unique, intimate and thus ideal concert setting. The event was energetic to say the least, with the crowd throwing roses onto the stage during the first chorus of  “Roses…” and so many people holding up signs for song requests and more.


Garrison Burgess plays drums at The Band CAMINO’s Sept. 2, 2022 show at The Hall in Little Rock. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


The band CAMINO has seemingly grown so fast in my eyes, but still continually amazed me at the show, even with performing crowd favorites and some original singles like “Daphne Blue” and “My Thoughts on You.” 

Overall, the show was absolutely amazing, generating priceless memories for the audience to look back on. Seeing The Band CAMINO has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and I’m incredibly happy I got to see them perform at a place and in a city that has begun to mean so much to me. 


Spencer Stewart performs live with The Band CAMINO on Friday, Sept. 2, 2022. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)

The Band CAMINO is often regarded as “Your mom’s favorite band,” but I can vouch that it is easily one of my favorite bands as well (and by the amount of sold out shows on this leg of The Tour CAMINO, I feel confident in saying that the group is special to a lot of fans across the country). 


The group has had several early supporters such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, People’s “Ones to Watch in 2021,” The Associated Press, LA Weekly and more. They average 2.5 million monthly Spotify listeners and more than 330 million global streams, according to a news release.  The Band CAMINO has also been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live and opened for Dan + Shay in 2021. 


The Band CAMINO finishes its set at its Sept. 2, 2022 show at The Hall in Little Rock. (Photo by Kat Holitik/AY Media Group)


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