To celebrate the millions of meals that guests have raised for starving children across the world, Arkansas-based taco franchise Tacos 4 Life will be hosting their inaugural Hunger Hero Day on Tuesday, June 26. Dedicating a day to its guests through this event is a way for the taco franchise to show its appreciation. This event will last all day and will be taking place at all locations in Arkansas, Texas and North Carolina.
In order to get a free taco, guests must come to any of the 11 locations dressed as a local hero or superhero. Guests will receive their choice of a free Classic Beef or Grilled Chicken taco, no purchase necessary. For every taco given out at each location, Tacos 4 Life will be donating a meal to Feed My Starving Children.
“Our guests are the ones who keep our mission going each and every day,” Ashton Samuelson, co-founder of Tacos 4 Life, said in a news release. “Our guests have provided the 5 million plus meals we have raised and the millions of lives affected, and we wanted to show our appreciation by hosting a day in their honor! Hunger Hero Day will become a special piece of our brand and will honor the true hunger heroes that are changing the world, one taco at a time.”
Tacos 4 Life will be making Hunger Hero Day a yearly event to celebrate the dedication of its guests as well as also encouraging them to continue the fight to end world hunger. 
“Our guests are the heart of this company and its mission,” Austin Samuelson, co-founder of Tacos 4 Life, said in a news release. “It makes us so happy to be able to celebrate the muscle behind the machine that allows us to donate millions of meals to starving children. It’s a gratifying feeling knowing how many people support our mission on a day to day basis, and they deserve all the credit for our success.”
For every taco, quesadilla, salad or rice bowl Tacos 4 Life sells, they donate $0.22 is to Feed My Starving Children. $0.22 is the equivalent to the cost of one meal for a hungry child.
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