For this week’s Taco Tuesday, AY About You heads to Yeyo’s in Bentonville for sustainably sourced tacos. 


Rafael Rios, founder and executive chef of Yeyo’s, has always focused on a farm-to-table concept for his restaurants. Nearly all of his ingredients are sourced from the Rios Family Farm, which he and his family have operated since 2006. In addition to serving authentic Mexican food, Rios wanted to his restaurants to provide delicious vegan and gluten-free options to customers. 


“We’re sustainable and eco-friendly. We compost and recycle our own food and all of our to-go packaging is compostable too,” said Rios. “75% of our produce comes from the farm.”


Yeyo’s has three locations, and the concept for each one is slightly different. The first was the food truck, which Rios opened in 2012. Rios’ began the farming concept with the food truck, so fresh ingredients from the Rios Family Farm were always used to create their menu.

Yeyo’s El Alma de Mexico is the first sit-down location, and is the “mothership” for the restaurants. It opened in 2017 and is located in Bentonville’s 8th Street Market. The third location, and the newest, is Yeyo’s Mexcaleria y Taqueria in downtown Rogers. The restaurant is the first mezcal bar in Northwest Arkansas, according to Rios, and it is intended to be a place for people to gather and enjoy tacos and drinks. The Mexcaleria opened in January 2020 but spent nearly seven months closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has now reopened, as well as all of Yeyo’s locations, although they are working at a limited capacity. 


Although the menu slightly varies depending on the location, certain foods are staples at Yeyo’s. Its Mexican street tacos are the most popular item, according to Rios. The tacos can be served with any of Yeyo’s authentic meat, including barbacoa, carnitas, carne asada or al pastor, as well as vegan options like cauliflower. Yeyo’s also makes all tortillas and chips in-house. 

Yeyo’s also has a seasonal menu that changes depending on what is available on the Rios Family Farm, and they are serving up comfort food for November. The menu includes tamales and champurrados, which is a warm, chocolate and corn-based drink that can either be enjoyed as a beverage or as a dipping sauce with Yeyo’s churros. 


The Rios Family Farm also provides produce for restaurants and businesses around Northwest Arkansas. The farm sells produce at the Bentonville Farmers Market, and Crystal Bridges, the Hive and Preacher’s Son all source food from Rios. 


Find more information about Yeyo’s location on the restaurant’s website and Facebook page


Yeyo’s El Alma de Mexico

801 SE 8th St Suite 41

Bentonville, AR 72712

Yeyo’s Food Truck

122 W Central Ave 

Bentonville, AR 72712

Yeyo’s Mexcaleria y Taqueria 

101 E Walnut St

Rogers, AR 72756


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