We all know the age-old question: Does pineapple belong on pizza? People have been fighting over this for eons. Brother against brother, self against self, and there is no straight answer. I bring a new question to the table: Does pineapple belong in a taco?


After trying the Tacos Hawaianos at Mojitos & Margaritas Grill & Bar in North Little Rock, I personally think it’s safe to say that yes, pineapple does belong in a taco. This taco is filled with grilled chicken, chorizo, and last but not least, the forbidden fruit, pineapple. Pineapple shows up quite often in seafood tacos, but the combination of chicken, chorizo and the fruit caught my eye. Chicken and chorizo are too highly savory proteins, especially chorizo. I am a huge fan of Hawaiian pizzas and full supporter of pineapple on pizza, so I knew I would probably like this combination as well.


Chorizo is not often something I order with no real reason other than I like other proteins more, so I was excited to find it in a taco that caught my eye. The chicken and chorizo were seasoned similarly, but with more heat coming from the chorizo. The chorizo was fried beautifully and was almost crispy, pairing well with the tender strips of marinated chicken. The pineapple was cooked and sent ripples of its sweet taste through the savory floods of the chicken and chorizo encased in a delicate corn tortilla.


Cilantro and onion were served on the side, much to my delight, so I could add all of the onion and none of the cilantro. I like adding salsa for a little more moisture on my tacos, but the taco by itself is plenty juicy. Under the “Street Tacos” section of the menu, you receive three tacos that will definitely get you full. 


So there you have it folks, pineapple belongs in tacos (and on pizza).

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