It’s that time of week again for our favorite versatile entree (or appetizer, or desert — hence the use of versatile): Taco Tuesday! This week, Brewski’s Pub & Grub was on our radar for tacos, with its fun atmosphere and shaded patio for this mild-weather summer day. If you haven’t stepped outside yet, you need to. The sky is blue, the sun is out, and the humidity is GONE. Eating tacos inside today is a crime.


Brewski’s may not be your first thought when it comes to tacos, but the popping pub actually has a wide selection of taco meals. From street tacos to specialty tacos, they might have what you’re looking for. I opted to try the BBQ Taco with pulled pork, BBQ sauce and pickled red onions on a street-style corn tortilla.


The flavor of the BBQ was reminiscent of classic cookout flavors — perfect for a day like today. I’ll always be a sucker for a good corn tortilla, and these tortillas were perfect in that they were both tasty and able to support the weight of the pulled pork. There were no rips or dripping sauces, and I have the tortilla to thank for that. Topping it off, the pickled onion gave that extra zest the taco was looking for.


Next time, I might ask for a side of ranch to add to the BBQ pork because who doesn’t like ranch with their BBQ? The black beans that came with the meal were a generous portion, and I’m excited to say that there were enough for leftovers. 


Next time you’re doing some pub-crawling through Downtown and feeling a little taco hungry, wander into Brewski’s and try something off the “South of the Border” section of the menu.


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