The Sweetest of Surprises!


Women’s Own Worth (W.O.W.) is making a huge impact in the lives of abuse survivors in our state.

Photography by Becca Snider Tally


The nonprofit’s mission is to “empower women to know their own worth” by providing services to women and families who have been victims of domestic violence or violent crime. Each day W.O.W. received requests for various needs and they have assisted many by providing therapy, transportation, housing assistance and financial aid.

Earlier this month, W.O.W. received a letter requesting help for a lady who endured more than 20 years in an abusive marriage that ended only due to the abuser’s death, leaving her a widow. The letter went on to say this lady has dedicated her life to helping others in any way she can: watching children for single moms so they can work, cooking meals for the elderly and so on. She isn’t living in the past — she is making the most of every day. She’s a shining light and an encourager to many. Her name is Wanda. She hasn’t had a car in more than 2 years, and this was the one thing that hindered her from sowing even more seeds of kindness.


Jajuan Archer, founder of W.O.W., handing Wanda the keys to her free car.


The W.O.W. board was very touched by Wanda’s story — they know that faith and other circumstances are sometimes the big reasons WOMEN STAY.

“We never know the circumstances that people are going through until it’s over. To hear of a person who has gone through so much, yet she has chosen to take every day as a blessing and to be thankful for life, while lifting others daily, inspired us to show her she is worthy of all great things. If a car is one of them, we wanted to help,” said Jajuan Archer, founder of W.O.W.

“Women’s Own Worth was able to allocate enough funds to provide a car for Wanda, but we wanted to make sure she received a reliable vehicle. Knowing about the community assistance that the Steve Landers Auto Group has given in the past, W.O.W. reached out. Boy, are we glad we did! With matching funds from Steve Landers Toyota, we were able to secure Wanda an awesome, reliable and super-cute Toyota convertible that we’re sure will last her a long time.” Landers went above and beyond making sure that Wanda didn’t have to worry about anything including taxes on the vehicle. Steve Landers Toyota is also providing three oil changes and six services for Wanda’s new Toyota convertible. The experience has been wonderful.

While sitting in her new car for the first time, Wanda said, with tears in her eyes, “You don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you so much, and thank God.”


Mario A. Settles, from Landers, takes a celebratory selfie.

Several of Wanda’s friends piled into the car, with the top down, and cruised for a bit. It was smiles all around.

The W.O.W. board has decided to allocate funds each year moving forward, in hopes that with the help of community and local dealerships they’ll be able to secure a vehicle for deserving survivors.

Archer said, “We are so thankful for all of our support from individuals and businesses throughout our state. Without this support none of this would be possible.”

Women’s Own Worth (W.O.W.)

W.O.W. offers domestic violence victim support and other individualized services for victims of violent crimes. /

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