Stepping into the lobby of Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio, located at 12400 Cantrell Road, you’re greeted by a clean, simple décor that reflects a modern but relaxed sensibility. Between the natural wood floors and the neutral color palette, it’s immediately clear that you’ve entered a tranquil, inviting atmosphere.

Co-owner and operator Jill Clifton will likely be standing at the front desk, waiting to check you in, and once you’re ready, she’ll hand you a refreshing cup of water and a towel scented with eucalyptus. She’ll walk you down the hall, and that’s when your experience truly begins.

Try one of the infrared sauna pods!

Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio is Little Rock’s only sauna that features infrared sauna pods. These pods directly heat the body, unlike traditional saunas. This unique feature makes all the difference in the experience and the health benefits, according to Clifton.

Whether you want to burn calories, remove toxins from your body or de-stress, Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio provides a host of health benefits through its unique sauna technology. “What drew us to it were the health benefits and the opportunity to bring something unlike any other experience to Little Rock,” Clifton says.

Jill, along with co-owners Wade and Kelly Moore, are always looking for ways to achieve their health goals while also believing in helping others achieve their health goals as well. In recent years, there have been many new ways to achieve those goals that have popped up around the country. Although sauna studios have started to gain popularity, sauna use has been around for hundreds of years. Infrared sauna technology, such as the pods used at Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio, uses innovation to achieve in 30 minutes what would normally take you an hour or longer in a traditional sauna.

“As we have grown older, we have found things that used to be easy have become more difficult such as getting rid of pesky fat and getting a good night’s rest. We have found that regular infrared sauna use targets the toxins that reside in our fat cells making them much easier to get rid of used in combination with diet and exercise. We also find that we sleep much better because infrared saunas help balance our cortisol levels,” Clifton says.

Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio offers tons of health benefits!

Wade Moore first learned of infrared sauna pods through a friend in Memphis. After sharing what he had learned with Jill and her husband, they knew this was something they had to try. A quick trip to Memphis and a lot of research led them to believe that this was perfect for the community of Little Rock.

Since opening in January, business has been soaring, with customers quickly learning about the benefits that Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio provides.

Detoxification is the primary benefit of using the infrared pods, according to Clifton. While a traditional sauna heats the air surrounding you, the pods target your core body temperature, and the elevated body temperature results in a “deeper” sweat that removes more toxins.

“We have a lot of health benefits, but every time you come in, you’re going to detox,” she says. ““It heats your body’s core temperature to 101 degrees, and that makes your body’s defense mechanism – its own sweat – rid itself of the toxins that we encounter on a daily basis.”

In fact, the pods will make you sweat up to seven times more than a traditional sauna, Clifton says.

Release your stress and burn calories!

Lying down in the infrared pod can also help with burning calories and weight loss. Clifton estimates that a 30-minute session can, depending on the heat setting, help burn 400 to 600 calories. “While you’re in one of our pods, the heat mimics [the conditions of] being on a treadmill. It’s going to get your heart rate up, and that’s how you burn the calories,” she says.

The infrared pods also help lower blood pressure and improve circulation. The heat helps open up the body’s capillaries and improve blood flow. This is also helpful in stress reduction!

Once you step out of the pod, your skin will be radiant, a positive after effect of your improved circulation. “When you come out, your skin is glowing,” Clifton says.

Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio features six infrared sauna pods: four individual pods and a tandem room.

The tandem room, which features two pods side-by-side, offers couples a time to relax and detox in the company of one another. It is also an extremely popular option for girls’ days and spending time with a friend while burning calories. Clifton says that the tandem room allows people to be social while getting the health benefits of the regular pod.

Looking forward, Clifton hopes that Little Rock continues to embrace the possibilities that Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio offers.

“This is a holistic, natural approach to staying healthy. Research has shown that regular infrared sauna use may lead to a lessened dependence on medication for certain conditions, such as chronic pain, sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and fibromyalgia,” she says.

Sweat Little Rock Sauna Studio

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