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Located on Rodney Parham Road in Little Rock, The Surgery Center at the Valley is the pinnacle of ophthalmological surgical care. The center, which is an extension of McFarland Eye Care, provides a unique experience for its patients and team due to their physical size and their commitment to the details of exceptional patient care.


At the core of the Surgery Center at the Valley is a seasoned surgical support team with an unrivaled depth of knowledge and dedication to excellence. The center’s guiding philosophy is simple and effective: every decision is based on what is the very best thing for the patient. The Surgery Center at the Valley is about more than conducting surgeries; it’s about changing lives.

The facility


The surgery center features four operating rooms, two procedure rooms, expansive pre- and post-op areas, and a comfortable, spacious waiting area to ensure an unmatched experience for patients, caregivers and surgical teams.

The staff


The experienced surgical team keeps surgeons moving while embodying care in every interaction.

All surgeons are ophthalmology-focused and include:

• Dr. Brita Rook: pediatrics and adult strabismus

• Dr. Byron Wilkes: oculofacial plastics

• Dr. Donald Gauldin: cataracts

• Dr. Evan Newbolt: cataracts

• Dr. James Hoffmann: cataracts

• Dr. Jonathan Casciano: cornea and cataracts

The Surgery Center at the Valley

The partnerships


As an extension of McFarland Eye Care, the center provides an integrated experience for patients. The nature and capacity of the center also allows McFarland’s to partner with other ophthalmologists in the area to extend surgical care to more patients.

The technology

The Surgery Center at the Valley

The Surgery Center at the Valley is equipped for cutting-edge, laser-assisted eye surgery which provides more accurate results and better patient outcomes. The team invests in technology, equipment and materials, including the highest quality lenses, that are proven to enhance patient care.


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