Although social distancing is the most effective measure to minimize the spread of COVID-19, some are finding it more difficult to practice than others.


WalletHub conducted a study comparing the 50 states and District of Columbia across three key dimensions to determine where social distancing is most difficult. The following three key dimensions were evaluated using 13 relevant metrics: social environment, time spent on social activities and money spent on social activities.


Arkansas had one of the lowest scores which put the state at no. 46 on the list indicating that the state does not find social distancing difficult. Furthermore, the state ranked at no. 48 in terms of shortest time spent on sports, exercise and recreational activities per day.


Utah ranked no. 1 on the list as the state that is struggling with social distancing the most. Residents are involved in many social and religious activities.


Below is a summary of the report for Arkansas.


Difficulty of Social Distancing in Arkansas (1=Most Difficult, 25=Avg.):

  • 29th– Share of Residents Who Participate in Local Groups or Organizations
  • 47th– Share of Population Physically Active
  • 37th– Mean Time Spent in Home
  • 37th– Share of Consumer Expenditures Related to Social Activities (pre-COVID-19)
  • 39th– Travel & Tourism Consumer Spending per Capita


WalletHub also released the results of a social distancing surveyin addition to expert input. Online shopping is the most popular way 36 million Americans are coping with social distancing. However, nearly 29 million Americans are also using social distancing as an opportunity to learn something new.


Experts encourage people to stay in contact with closed ones virtually and take care of themselves by eating healthy and exercising.


In the study, 48 percent of Americans reported going outside at least once a day and 60 percent are wearing face masks. 34 percent of Americans are looking forward to seeing their family after this, which is more than hanging out with friends or going to restaurants.


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