Stephanie Clouser

For this week’s segment of Woman Wednesday, AY About You sits down with Stephanie Clouser.


Clouser grew up in Central Arkansas and graduated from UA Little Rock with a degree focusing on radio, TV, and film and with a minor in speech communication. 

Today, she is the Chief Brand Officer at PCA Technology Solutions. PCA Technology Solutions is a world-class IT solutions company that bridges the gap between IT industry leaders and consumers who might not be as technologically fluent. 


Clouser says that there are challenges to being a woman in the IT industry.


“The immediate assumption is that you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Clouser says. “Because women aren’t as visible in this industry.”

Fortunately, Clouser mentions that the multi-ethnic church that she and her family attend helps her see the intricacies of diversity, and how to pave the way for more of it.


“It’s important that our staff be diverse, and that our staff represents the community,” Clouser says. “Sometimes that’s a challenge, because a lot of people in the IT industry are concerned about the nitty gritty technological aspects, and don’t necessarily see the social issues as prevalent. IT minds are usually geared for technology, not for marketing and branding, which showcases that we are a more complex company.”

When asked what it means to be a woman, Clouser emphasizes the importance of building other women up. 


“Being a woman means being supportive of other women. We’re in a prime time in history to support other women, no matter what they choose to do with their lives. It’s amazing that women can work hard and do what they want to do either in an office building, or from home while caring for their children and families.”

Clouser offers some advice to other women and girls who might read her article. “You do you. Keep learning and growing and surrounding yourself with a community that loves you and supports you,” she says.

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