Continuing the Sports Bar Bucket List at JJ’s Grill


Continuing on with the Sports Bar Bucket List, AY About You President and Publisher, Heather Baker, along with KARK’s DJ Williams, have moved on down the field to JJ’s Grill in West Little Rock. 


“I’m feeling a little nostalgic right now, because when I was in college, JJ’s was the place to be,” Williams says, reminiscing. 


With a table full of fan-favorites, Baker and Williams are seated and greeted with some of the best game-day food in the Natural State. 


“These nachos are something like I’ve never seen before,” Baker says. “I can literally feel the heat coming off the plate from the jalapeños.” 




Baker explains that at JJ’s Grill, the chips arrive on a plate by themselves and all of the “goodness” of nacho toppings come separately. For Williams and Baker alike, the nachos are a must-try. 


Baker reaches straight for the item next on the menu, the hot wings. “We’re at a sports bar, so I feel like [wings] are what you have to have. I always [head] straight for the ranch, but DJ likes the blue cheese so he can cut down on the heat,” Baker remarks. 



“It’s a whole different ball game with the blue cheese – now that is a good wing,” Williams says, crediting JJ’s of having really good game-day wings. 


Baker then tastes the blackened catfish, which definitely boasts a “spicy kick.” To rewind on the words Baker just said, there is definitely some kick to it. Baker pauses to sip a drink and cool her palate. 




While blackened catfish may not be the first item that comes to mind when thinking about bar food, it definitely passes the sports bar criteria check, as Baker tried it. 


“In true bar food fashion, I’ve got to go with a burger,” Williams admits. “Look at this,” Williams says while the camera zooms in on a piled-up burger. “It’s got caramelized onions, cheese – and look at all the fresh produce.” 


Williams bites into the burger, Baker noting its oozing out, but which is what “a good burger is supposed to do,” according to Williams. 



Next up, Williams turns his attention to JJ’s Grill’s Philly cheesesteak – another classic game-day menu item. The Philly cheesesteak from JJ’s Grill has mouths watering for sure, with cheese and onions piled atop. 




While Williams enjoys the Philly cheesesteak, Baker introduces the audience to her JJ’s Grill drink of choice: the Arkansas Attitude. “The thing I love most about the Arkansas Attitude is the essentials: [its] taste and smell. It smells so good,” Baker says. “This is the drink to try.” 


Other drinks around the table include a Moscow mule, a whiskey Wednesday and others. 




“Heather, this is fire,” Williams says, complimenting the Philly Cheesesteak once again. “A Philly Cheesesteak, with a Jack & Coke on a whiskey Wednesday? You cannot beat it, JJ’s has it going on.” 


Even more, Heather adds, “When you want to see a game, when you want to come to a bar with beer on tap, this is the place to go.” 



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