This week, AY About You President and Publisher, Heather Baker and KARK’s DJ Williams, have ventured out this week to Brewski’s Pub & Grub – to kick-off the first stop of this month’s Sports Bars Bucket List, just in time for college football season. 


“We’re kicking off the Sports Bars Bucket List, and I cannot think of a better place to be,” Baker says. 


“I’m from Little Rock, and we’re right off Main Street at Brewski’s and this is the place to be during any sports season,” Williams adds. 


“They have everything: they have lunch, happy hour and deals going into the late night,” Baker continues. 


“Finally! This is my space. I can pronounce all these foods: we have nachos, wings and more,” Williams says, eyeing the wide variety of game-day food classics before him on the table. 


Baker begins by tasting the nachos, noting that they are her absolute go-to. “I love the nachos, but the tacos are great too. And if you go on a Tuesday, all tacos are $1.50, in honor of  Brewski’s Taco Tuesdays,” Baker says. “Another thing [is] they have brunch on Sunday!”




“They have a great Happy Hour too,” Williams notes. “They have this thing rockin’.” 


A wings guy, Williams starts off with the hot wing platter. Noting he’s further a bone-in type of guy shows a tally for the record of bones preferred. 


“I would tell y’all if the wings were trash, but these are straight fire,” Williams exclaims. 




As Baker enjoys the nachos, stated earlier as her all-time favorite, she explains, “In any sports bar, the nachos are my go-to, and I love that the[se] are piled high. I love the jalapeños and the beef, these look and taste so good,” as she closes in on another bite. 




Williams then tackles the next menu item, The Juicy Brewski burger. Biting into to the tall fare, Williams is at first left speechless. “That’s what’s up, I’m talking with my mouth full and all, this burger is great.” 



The Juicy Brewski


Following is dessert, for which Baker and Williams each grab a spoonful of the Brewski’s brookie – a sweet treat combination of brownie and cookie. 

“I don’t even know if i’m going to share this with DJ,” Baker kids. “Just get a small bite.”  


Brookie Dessert


The brookie earns an A+ for both Baker and Williams. While Baker continues to relish dessert, Williams tastes a bar-favorite: the Woo Pig Sooie shot, in honor of the start of college football season. 


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