Break out your running shoes, pull out your old weights, and prepare to get in shape for 2021. This is a familiar refrain for those who set New Year’s resolutions to get in better shape. But this year, you can rely on a special new ingredient: Smoothie King’s healthy shakes.


Using organic vegetables and fresh fruits, Smoothie King blends shakes that are geared toward helping people live healthy and active lifestyles. These nutritious shakes are designed to actively help you reach your health goals.


That’s because each shake is tailored to every individual’s goals, according to Smoothie King franchise owner Linda Bradley. “There are some people who want to gain weight and muscle mass, and others who want to lose weight,” she says. “So, we have different panels, including a fitness panel and a wellness panel, that customers can choose from,” she says.


Looking at Smoothie King’s extensive menu, there truly is a blend for every purpose. If you’re looking for something to boost your fitness goals, there’s a blend for you. In fact, there are 28 fitness blends available! These smoothies feature protein-rich ingredients, like blueberries, raspberries, peanut butter, almonds and more, to give you the fuel for a vigorous workout and then to help speed up your recovery.

Gladiator Shake

One of the highlights of the fitness menu is the Gladiator shake. This shake is perfect for building strength and then recovering from an intense workout. According to Bradley, it is ideal for those participating in Keto lifestyles. “It’s the highest level of protein that you can get out there. A lot of people doing Keto and those who want to cut out carbs get this,” she says.


There are also the Slim Blends, which are designed to keep you on track for your weight loss goals. These 20 blends feature less than 350 calories for every 20 ounces. There are also Wellness Blends that feature essential vitamins that can help you recharge; there are 17 of these blends.


Even when you are working toward your goals, there’s always room for a reward. That’s exactly what the Break Time Blends are for. Grab a Passion Passport or a Pineapple Surf as a treat at the end of the day to relax.


The best part of heading to Smoothie King? Each shake is customizable so you get exactly what you need to support your health goals. Smoothie King has a massive array of ingredients, that combine flavor with function. Want bananas? They’ve got them. Coconut water? They have that too.

The Shredder Strawberry Shake

There are also nutritional enhancers that are engineered to maximize workouts, build strength, metabolize fats, and fuel overall health. If you’re looking to build muscle, then the Muscle Builder power or the Gladiator Protein is your best bet. However, if you want to burn fat, try the Diet Down power. There are also Energy Boost powders and Pure Recharge to increase performance and keep you on top of your game.


“You can add extra fiber or multivitamins – whatever meets your needs,” Bradley says.“You can shake it up, or they can come to the drive-thru, give us their favorite ingredients, and we can make something for them.”


Whatever your goal is for 2021, Smoothie King has the shake for you. With a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with critical nutritional enhancers, you can accomplish any fitness goal you set your mind to. “It is the perfect place to come for the New Year because we have something for everybody and their health,” Bradley says.


Head to Smoothie King and start your fitness journey today.