Hot Springs native Dr. Ethan Erwin is just as eager to serve the community he grew up in as he is to serve his patients. He has tirelessly pursued advanced techniques in dentistry to offer his community and patients the latest dentistry offers. 


“I want every person to leave feeling confident that they have chosen the best to maintain and restore their oral health,” Erwin said.


In 2021, Erwin returned to his hometown of Hot Springs to join Dr. Robert J. Barnett, where he continued to hone his craft in innovative dental techniques and create an unmatched patient experience. Under Barnett, Erwin gained vital experience not just in the practice of dentistry but also in the demands of running the business itself.


Joyce Simmons

Joyce Simmons | Smile Makeover


While Barnett retired last year, Smile Hot Springs is not without a wealth of professional talent alongside Erwin. Dr. Britten Lovelace, a University of Tennessee College of Dentistry graduate, joined Smile Hot Springs to build on the 40-year legacy of what was once Barnett Family Dentistry. Drs. Erwin and Lovelace, along with their extremely skilled and compassionate staff, provide exceptional dental care.


Smile Hot Springs is rooted in the community it serves, and that reflects Erwin and his family’s commitment to the city. His wife, Cara Erwin, DPT, is a physical therapist at New Hope Therapy, also in Hot Springs, and Erwin is on the board of the Mid-America Science Museum and the Faces Foundation.


“My involvement with Mid-America Science Museum allows me to help create a culture of learning in science that will continually benefit youth,” he said. “The Faces Foundation is a great organization that allows individuals to get life-changing surgeries that may not otherwise have been possible for them.”


Both inside his practice and out, Erwin relishes the opportunity to serve the Hot Springs community. Smile Hot Springs is built on these relationships, making it the easy choice for countless patients and their families.



Dr. Ethan Erwin, Dr. Britten Lovelace & Staff


Transformative Smiles: Cindy’s Testimonial


Cindy had always struggled with her smile. Despite undergoing braces and veneers, her teeth constantly shifted due to sleep grinding (bruxism). Another issue that bothered her was her aging natural tooth structure next to her existing porcelain veneers; maintaining the color of her existing natural teeth next to older porcelain for crowns became increasingly challenging. After a hard fall last summer that resulted in cracked teeth and the need for new crowns, Cindy decided it was time for a more permanent solution.


When she visited Dr. Ethan Erwin at Smile Hot Springs to start the repair process, he suggested she would be an excellent candidate for a complete smile makeover. Intrigued and hopeful, Cindy decided to go for it, trusting Dr. Erwin and his team with her smile transformation.




Her journey began with thorough education from the team about the procedures, setting her at ease with what to expect. Cindy’s experience at Smile Hot Springs was so comfortable that she dozed off to sleep while Dr. Erwin worked on transforming her Smile. The results were astounding — even beyond what she had anticipated. Cindy’s smile was dramatically improved, restoring not just her teeth but also her confidence.


Cindy is now proud of her smile and encourages others to take the leap for such a life-changing transformation. 


“It’s comforting to know that your smile will be changed for the better for your lifetime,” she said. 


For Cindy, her teeth now reflect her vibrant personality and help her embrace her golden years with joy and laughter.


“I think your teeth probably tell your age more than your wrinkles, so I wanted to improve my smile and confidence as I laugh my way through my golden years,” she remarked.


To learn more about Dr. Erwin and the team at Smile Hot Springs, visit them online, connect on social media or call (501) 624-7129.


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