Skin Care and Pregnancy

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I’ve had a couple of my friends ask not just “What skin care can I use while pregnant?” but “What skin care should I use during my pregnancy?”  You already have so much to think about when you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t have to stress about good skin care!

Here are a few products that are important to use and why:

1. Sunscreen with zinc oxide:  Pregnancy hormones predispose everyone to a dark, irregular blotchy pigment on the face called melasma.  Those with summer pregnancies are especially at risk. Melasma is very hard to get rid of, so prevention is key.  Use a high zinc sunscreen every day!

2. An antioxidant:  A good antioxidant with a high percentage of Vitamin C will help keep your skin clear, will protect skin cell DNA and can help prevent melasma.

3. A glycolic acid: Glycolic acid is made from sugar cane, which is very safe during pregnancy.  It helps with skin cell turnover, helps unclog your pores and keeps your skin smooth and glowing.  You don’t want to overuse this product; it can dry out and irritate your skin and make you more sensitive to the sun. Choose a product that has a concentration of glycolic acid that is 10 percent or lower.

4. A skin brightener: Hydroquinones (bleaching agents) and retinol are not safe to use during pregnancy, but there are some skin lighteners that are effective and safe during pregnancy.  SkinMedica Lytera 2.0 is my favorite!  It is formulated to address stubborn discoloration/melasma and gives you a brighter, more even skin tone. Plus it’s free of hydroquinone, retinol, parabens and fragrance.

Whether you are pregnant or not, you can come by our office and we would love to help set you up on a skin care routine tailored to your needs!

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  1. by Nicky Ellis on August 24, 2017  11:38 am

    Thanks for these great tips Rachel. I never quite understood what is allowed and what not when you're pregnant. Too late for me to know anyway! :) -Nicky

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