One Sherwood dentist has the biggest, brightest smile in Arkansas after taking home a six-figure prize on the game show, Wheel of Fortune. 


On one of the Star Wars Superweek episodes of Wheel of Fortune, Jeff Powell, DDS, from Sherwood Smile won a $100,000 prize in the bonus round of his episode. Wheel of Fortune shared the clip as one of their highlights from Season 40. Powell immediately solved the phrase “Stay Afloat” before shouting with joy when host Pat Sajak opened the prize card to reveal the six-figure sum. Powell embraced his wife Kristin before looking on in shock and excitement as confetti rained down. 


“I just didn’t want to lose and come in last,” Powell explained in the postgame interview


Powell told interviewer and daughter of Pat Sajak, Maggie Sajak, that when Wheel of Fortune announced that they were looking for Star Wars superfans to participate in the galactic-themed episodes, his inbox became flooded with messages.


“And so I made a little video in my office and sent it in,” Powell said. “And here we are, like two weeks later. It’s crazy.”


“It’s always a great time when there’s confetti on the floor,” Sajak replied.


The Force was definitely with Powell — he also won a cruise for his puzzle-solving abilities in the episode. He said that he and his wife plan to use the prize money to travel. 


Photo Credit: Wheel of Fortune/Facebook
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