In the aftermath of the tornados that tore through Central Arkansas last month, many residents have been trying to pick up the pieces and locate lost items. Many of these belongings, like old photos, are irreplaceable. Some of these items have been returned to their owners thanks to the efforts of good samaritans involved in cleanup efforts, and social media has been key to reconnecting people with their things. 


As recently reported by THV11, one particularly sentimental item discovered recently was a camouflage-clad, stuffed black bear named Kevin – who, thankfully, managed to hang on to his boots and his dog tag despite the storms. Press Kevin’s hand, and the Build-A-Bear plays a recording of a man’s voice saying, “I love you.” 


Benton resident Shelby Huddleston, whose family had been aiding cleanup efforts in West Little Rock, received the bear from a family member and knew she had to track down its rightful owner. Huddleston put out a call on Facebook to try and locate Kevin’s family, eventually contacting Build-A-Bear directly. According to another post on Facebook, she plans to drop the bear off at the Park Plaza Mall store location “within the next few days” so employees can aid in the search.


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