This month, AY is bringing you the Seafood Bucket List, showcasing the best of the best restaurants you can get yummy food from “under the sea” in Arkansas. This week, AY About You President and Publisher Heather Baker and Nichole Niemann with Arkansas Style stop by The Oyster Bar.


“I’m so excited about eating at The Oyster Bar,” Baker said. “This is some of my favorite food.”


oyster bar


Niemann opts for the crab cake as her first sample.


“It’s on a bed of corn, so again, healthy,” Niemann said. “I love it.”


The Oyster Bar Healthy Eats Bucket List


“I truly love their food,” Baker said. “It is all fresh and that’s what we’re trying to show you. You don’t have to eat processed stuff. There’s so many amazing local restaurants in Arkansas that you can eat at, and everything they have here is made in-house and fresh, and brought in from planes and right to your table.”


Next, the ladies move on to the Florida grouper, which is brought in directly from Florida.


The Oyster Bar Healthy Eats Bucket List


“I’m gonna dive into the Florida grouper here,” Niemann said. “This fish is outstanding.”


When at The Oyster Bar, eat oysters.


Oyster Bar oysters


“They’ve got a nice variety – two from the west coast, two from the east coast. So when you’re eating oysters, you can always ask, ‘west or east?’ Niemann explained.


The Oyster Bar Healthy Eats Bucket List


You can watch Baker and Niemann try out even more local favorites on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. on KARK.



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