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Developer and builder Alan Schrader, founder and principal builder of Schrader Homes in Benton, has had construction in his blood from a very early age.


“I had an uncle who was an old-school carpenter who would do everything in the house,” he said. “I learned with him and, at age 14, started working with him.  When I was 15, he needed an extra framer, so I started doing that. I would work every day of the summer, riding to work with him. That’s when the dream started for me.


Alan Schrader, founder of Schrader Homes, built his property at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs to complement the natural beauty surrounding it.

“While I was in college I married my wife, Ginger, and we built our first home at 21 years old. It’s still one of the most prideful builds I’ve ever built. We touched every part of it, from building the cabinets to painting to wiring to framing to flooring — everything.”


Today, those early lessons have combined with years of experience to set Schrader Homes in a select tier of Arkansas builders, thanks to the company’s stellar reputation for quality workmanship and timeless design. Those elements all combine beautifully at Schrader’s personal lake residence on Lake Hamilton, which serves as a fine example of the homebuilder’s art.

Schrader said he could see the stunning four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath home complete in his mind’s eye the first time he stepped foot on the property.


“I just knew instantly what it could be. I could see the finished product sitting there and what it offered for the view,” he said. “I wanted this home to emphasize the property’s beautiful natural features, such as the natural stone vein that extends out from the property’s point into the lake. The home was cut into this earth to look like it was part of the stone feature. It was very important to Ginger and I that each guest would be able to enjoy the lake view from each room and feel the home was connected to the lake.”


The home, which took 11 months to build, was inspired by a mountain retreat Schrader once saw during a trip to Montana that had a style he described as modern mountain rustic. The vision was brought to life with the help of Hot Springs architect Chris Sheppard, with whom Schrader has worked on both residential and commercial projects, the latter through Bascon General Contractors, Schrader’s Benton-based commercial construction company.


The vision Sheppard helped Schrader bring to life is the very definition of “dream lake retreat” and includes a number of creature comforts, including a game room, an office, a bunk room, indoor and outdoor living spaces, a swimming pool, and more. Inside, the rooms reflect refined yet inviting living spaces, thanks to the talents of Christina Gore, owner of Christina Gore Design Studio, who helped with the interior finishes.

“I approached this project with the mindset of having one shot to get it just the way we wanted it,” Schrader said. “I don’t think there’s anything else that I would change on it, to be honest. There is no such thing as a perfect house, in my opinion, but this one is close to fulfilling our needs exactly.”


Schrader said the best thing about the property is how well it accommodates family gatherings, a primary joy in his life and one that is shared by many of his customers.

“Family is a huge part of our lives, just like it is for many of our clients,” he said. “The difference between a house and home is what happens inside, in my opinion. We never forget that when we’re building something for somebody.”


The Lake Hamilton home may qualify as Schrader’s opus project, but it is hardly the company’s last. Even after years of building in Benton, Bryant, Hot Springs, Little Rock and other locations throughout central Arkansas, Schrader still thoroughly enjoys what he does.

Schrader Homes focuses on new construction in Benton, Bryant, Hot Springs, Little Rock and other parts of central Arkansas.

“I have been blessed with wonderful clients along the way, and I am grateful for each one of them,” he said. “I also could not do all that I do without the best team and staff. Those people are the best.”


Longevity has also afforded the company the luxury of working on projects that are interesting or provide unique opportunities, whether for the challenges they present or their backstories. For Schrader, the scope and location of projects past, present and future may vary, but the company’s commitment to quality remains as strong today as it ever was.

“We work hard to help our clients complete the building projects of their dreams,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if we’re building a 10,000-square-foot house or a 600-square-foot house; what matters is doing something creative with that space and trying to fulfill what it is that the owner wants.


“I don’t want this to be taken as arrogance or boastfulness in any sense, but I’m very proud of every project that we’ve ever built and every step along the way that we’ve taken to get here. Having built a good reputation is the most important thing to me, and when we get a job on a recommendation or get to do something good in the community, that, to me, brings the biggest sense of accomplishment.”


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