Picture this: You walk into a quiet room to find soft lighting and a massive glowing, golden wall. With no distractions in sight, you lie down in a  leathery, zero-gravity chair, grab a pair of headphones and find yourself breathing in a salty atmosphere. Sounds like a dream, right? 


Luckily for us Central Arkansans, this vision can now be a reality. 


On Monday, Eden Salt Studio is bringing the beauty of salt therapy and yoga to its Chenal community with a limited yoga class schedule and private salt room sessions. 


AY About You spoke with Eden Salt Studio Co-Founder and Yoga Director Tori Jones to talk about the art of salt therapy and Eden’s reopening. 

So…what is salt therapy again? 


According to Eden Salt Studio’s website, salt therapy is a treatment that utilizes a technique called halotherapy that mimics natural salt caves. This technique, although only practiced in America for the last 10 years, is regarded as an alternative treatment method to improve respiratory disorders, skin conditions, athletic recovery and more. 


“I describe salt therapy as complementary wellness treatment,” says Jones. 


Wellness was exactly what Jones needed when she left her attorney job in Washington, D.C. 

Leon and Tori Jones

“While being in D.C., I was lonely and unhappy,” says Jones. The lonesome feeling sent Tori to Arkansas to be with her family,  where she met the man of her dreams and other half of Eden Salt Studio, Leon. 


In 2019, the couple took their passion for all things wellness and opened up the only minority-owned yoga studio in Little Rock. Six months later, they were forced to close its doors due to COVID-19. 

After being at home for two-and-a half months, we are excited about educating and teaching again, says Tori. “We are hoping that people are receptive and ready to get this part of their life back.”


For those wanting to gain better respiratory hygiene amid the pandemic, Tori suggests learning about the benefits of salt therapy and its relation to increasing lung capacity and decreasing respiratory disorder symptoms.

Salt rooms are available for reservations with a two-person capacity. Anyone is welcome to reserve a private session for no additional cost.


Eden Salt Studio is located at 15400 Chenal Pkwy in Little Rock. More information about the Jones, their business and its mission can be found here.